Estonian Company Formation | Establishing OÜ or AS

You have decided to start-up a company (public limited company OÜ or private limited company AS), and you have the required share capital (in case OÜ – 2500 EUR and in case AS – 25 000 EUR).

Nevertheless, if you do not have the start-up capital in cash, you can make a non-monetary contribution and start you own business anyway. All you have to do is invest in the auditor’s report for minimum 100 EUR. And we can take care of the rest - complete all drafting and filling requirements up to the registration of your company in the Commercial Register.

Service packet contains:

Consultation, preparing of all required documents (statutes, foundation agreement etc), making notary’s appointments in all biggest citys in Estonia, opening of start-up account in the bank chosen by Client, delivering of the documents to the Commercial Register.
Packet includes notarial fee and state fee.
Prices from 390 EUR
Additional charge:
In case company has more than one Member of the Board, every following member – adds up 20 EUR;

Ready Made Companies ( Private Limited Company OÜ )

We are offering ready made companies (shell companies), in which the share capital has been invested already and that can be operated on at the same day of purchase. All you need is to conclude a sale-purchase contract with us, and we’ll take care of the whole acquisition process, complete all drafting and filling requirements.

Service packet contains: a ready private limited company (), entries (changes) in the Commercial Register (decision, protocol, statutes), notarial sale-purchase agreement, notarial fees and state fee, bank account

Price 490 EUR

Extra charges:

* In case there is more than one Board member, every following member adds up 20 EUR;

* Power of attorney (required when client wants to operate with the company before the entries have been changed in the Commercial Register - on the same day company was acquired) - adds up 70 EUR

Entries in the Commercial Register

Changes in ownership structure, changes in the Management Board and the Council,

changing of legal address and business name, changing statutes of the company, increasing and decreasing the share capital; mergers, divisions and reorganizations of company

Service packet contains:

Drafting of decision or minutes, statutes and notarial application (in case one Board Member)
Prices from 70 EUR

Additional charges:
Notarial fee for buying of the company share (depends on the share value)

Changing of the company address in the same register area is state fees free.

Changes of register entries - state fee 20 EUR

In case reorganization – state fee 140 EUR

In case there is more than one Board member, every following member – adds up 20 EUR;

Establishing of non-profit co-operatives (MTÜ)

Start-up capital is not required in order to establish a non-profit association; usually the associations are not established for economic purposes but rather for serving communities. Non-profit associations can be founded by at least two members.

Service packet contains:
Consultancy, compiling and drafting all documents required (statutes, foundation agreement, protocol of foundation meeting), applying for notary’s appointments, delivering documents to Commercial Register
Prices from 300 EUR
Additional charge:
In case there is more than one Board member, every following member – adds up 20EUR;

Activity and operating licenses

We shall advise and help you with all necessary procedures to obtain activity permit for the acquired company - in compiling, drafting and delivering of all required documents.

Prices from 70 EUR

Additional charge:

-state fee 20 EUR (every following permit 20 EUR)

Services of accounting

Design home page for already operating or start-up companies

Design of logo and business cards


Legal address service

Translation of documents


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Services and Price List
  • Ready Made Companies - from 490 EUR
  • Establishing OÜ - from 390 EUR
  • Establishing AS - from 390 EUR
  • Records in Commercial Register - from 70 EUR
  • Activity permits and licenses - from 70 EUR
  • Accounting - from 100 EUR
  • Creating company websites
  • Creating E-shops
  • Design of logo and business cards - from 50EUR
  • Stamps - from 50 EUR
  • Registered office address service - from 20 EUR
  • Translation services

We can make notary’s appointments in all biggest city's in Estonia for you.